Stuart House Bed & Breakfast
Stuart House Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Historic Stuart House

Stuart House, late 1800'sJim and Clara Stuart built the original homestead in the late 1800's.  They had 3 sons of which (in their younger years) all ventured out to Alberta inWestern Canada. Charles returned  home to marry his childhood sweetheart Annie and they lived on the homestead and  raised a family of 6 children.


In the early 1950's the Stuart family moved to Ontario and Charles' oldest daughter Arleen remained in the Maritimes.  She married her childhood sweetheart Fraser Goodwin who lived on the neighboring farm.  Fraser and Arleen continued to visit the homestead during the summers with their family of 3 children.  Summers were a welcome time as family returned to Nova Scotia from Ontario and the homestead remained a great place of family gatherings and reunions.

As Arleen and Fraser closed in on their retirement years,  they renovated the old homestead and built onto it their retirement home.  This 3rd generation home became their Bed and Breakfast called Goodwin's Chat and Chew for 12 years.  Many of the original pieces of furniture remain in the home and have been refinished.  Many other family items like quilts, old family pictures, and old prints are displayed throughout the house.  TRY your hand at quilting on a quilt that is for guests to learn the old ways of stitching a quilt.

The Stuart homestead is now home to a 4th generation family member of Jim and Clara Stuart.  Arleen and Fraser's daughter Shelly and her husband Brian Tanner have renamed the bed and breakfast " Stuart House Bed and Breakfast  by the Bay".  The season starting in 2006 is another beginning in the history of Stuart House.

On our property, we have secure overnight accommodations for bikers.

Come and be a part of the memories that have grown with the changes of each generation.  Visit Stuart House and see what it has become  since the original days of its beginnings that included the old kitchen wood stove and the double seater outhouse.


Stuart House Bed and Breakfast (B&B)